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SBC collaborates with e. For more information, please contact info business. Later the Kingdom of Norway entered into a personal union with Denmark inand from was a part of the Kalmar Union. However, the surrounding areas count numerous species.

Here we live in mutual respect with one another and nature, where modern Greenlandic society meets old traditions. Attractive offices in sermersooq business plan new complex Other industries will find it more attractive to be situated in the new cultural and commercial complex CCCclose to the new port and the airport, next to magnificent architecture and with stunning views.

For more information, please contact info business. The wildlife of the Nanortalik island is rather sparse due to native hunters. Greenlandic tourism in a global market Wednesday, 7.

Sincehe has worked for Greenland Travel, where he has been Deputy Director since In wartime Greenland sermersooq business plan a sense of self-reliance through self-government and independent communication with the outside world. The Entrepreneur House Are you an entrepreneur and in need of a space for your business?

In their reluctance to see themselves as anything but Europeans, the Greenlanders failed to adopt the kind of apparel that the Inuit employed as protection against the cold and damp or to borrow any of the Eskimo hunting gear.

Greenlandic independence The orthography and vocabulary of the Greenlandic language is governed by Oqaasileriffikthe Greenlandic language secretariat, located in the Ilimmarfik University of GreenlandNuuk.

Nuuk is also the oldest established city in Greenland. Home rule was granted in Specifically, the idea is to connect industry at the commercial port at Qeqertat and the existing industrial districts at Pukuffik.

Day 4; Goodbye Greenland Grab a souvenir or explore Nuuk on your own before being transported to the airport for your return flight. The mine was abandoned in Opportunities and challenges for the tourism. Be innovative and creative. Finding the sea frozen, they headed south and arrived in Labrador and Newfoundland.

Many Greenlandic children grew up in boarding schools in southern Denmark, and a number lost their cultural ties to Greenland. Theories drawn from archeological excavations at Herjolfsnes in the s, suggest that the condition of human bones from this period indicates that the Norse population was malnourishedmaybe due to soil erosion resulting from the Norsemen's destruction of natural vegetation in the course of farming, turf-cutting, and wood-cutting.

The latter ports at Nuuk two times a week, and it takes passengers to either North or South Greenland.

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Food and Food Festival Fishing and hunting is the primary industry in Greenland and its biggest export industry. Tourism as a growth driver Tuesday, 6. Norway occupied then-uninhabited eastern Greenland as Erik the Red's Land in Julyclaiming that it constituted terra nullius.

Small-scale fishingcrab fishing, seal and seabird hunting and tourism provide most of the locally produced revenue. These include seminars and workshops focusing on the potential for development.


Local anchoring through 25 years Wednesday, 7. A 5-star Greenlandic success: Find out more about events here. The new areas are mainly located in the industrial strip, which stretches from the Atlantic to Pukuffik and on to the area between the golf course and the airport.

In addition to seals, the pack ice also brings polar bears from the east coast — hence the name Nanortalik. Day 5; Goodbye Greenland Grab a souvenir or explore Nuuk on your own before being transported to the airport for your return flight.

Most finds of Saqqaq-period archaeological remains have been around Disko Bayincluding the site of Saqqaq, after which the culture is named.

Have a unique, non-competitative product. Along the way stop at an uninhabited fishing village to get a glimpse of what life is like in tiny Greenlandic settlements. Depart Copenhagen in the morning, and you can arrive to Nuuk around lunchtime.

Entrepreneurship SBC offers advisory services to start-up businesses regarding business plans, marketing and budgets etc. For example, heavier industries are located by the port, whereas the new cultural and commercial complex CCC will house shared office facilities and large administration services.

It also holds workshops, events, courses and talks with the aim of building collaboration and networks in the business community.

Flora and fauna[ edit ] Main article: The expeditions were mostly unsuccessful, partly due to leaders who lacked experience with the difficult arctic ice and weather conditions, and partly because the expedition leaders were given instructions to search for the Eastern Settlement on the east coast of Greenland just north of Cape Farewellwhich is almost inaccessible due to southward drifting ice.Sep 12,  · We plan to spend a few days in Ilulissat and have 2 nights at the Eqi glacier huts booked as well.

We are quite outdoorsy and want to experience some mountain vistas in Greenland without it breaking the bank. Sermersooq Business Council inuussutissarsiornikkut siunnersortitit! 😃 Qilanaaraarput ikiornissat. Sermersooq Business Council Dit erhvervsråd! 😃 Vi glæder os til at hjælpe dig.

Contact Sermersooq Business Council if you need advice on starting a business. We can help with creating a business plan, generating marketing ideas, setting a budget, or addressing the many other tasks that come with being an entrepreneur.

Crab fishing, hunting for hooded seals, and fishing from small boats are the main sources of income for the area's joeshammas.comn andthe Nalunaq goldmine in Kirkespir Valley (Kirkespirdalen;), 30 km north Nanortalik was active There was a plan to build a road between Nanortalik and the mine, so workers could live in the town.

Holding events and giving advice to entrepreneurs are just some of the activities that Sermersooq Business Council works with on a daily basis Text: greenland today, Photo: SBC Sermersooq Business Council, commonly called SBC, is located at the harbour in Nuuk.

business city • Nuuk as a centre for the fishing industry • Nuuk as an international tourist destination // ARCHITECTURE POLICY The Sermersooq Plan is a concise, all-in-one plan setting out the visions, strategic objectives and policies for development in Kommuneqarfik.

Sermersooq business plan
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