Pakistan and india relations

Moreover, coming under intense international pressure, Islamabad was compelled to take actions against the militants' training camps on its territory.

The military buildup was initiated by India responding to a Indian Parliament attack and the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly attack. Steadily, hundreds of thousands of Hindus returned to East Pakistan, but the thaw in relations did Pakistan and india relations last long, primarily owing to the Kashmir conflict.

Pokhran-II which invited Pakistan to follow the latter's step and performed its own atomic tests see: If relations are cordial, then this pipeline can also supply the energy needs of both the nations.

But various Afghan factions fought one another and their external supporters, including the Soviet Union, Iran, Pakistan and others disagreed on which should be in power.

India-Pakistan relations : issues and challenges

With this move, Pakistan could change the narrative in South Asia. Ina mutual understanding was reached between the two countries in which each pledged not to attack nuclear facilities.

The plane was hijacked on 24 December approximately one hour after take off and was taken to Amritsar airport and then to Lahore in Pakistan. India has so far provided nearly USD 3 billion in line of credit to Bangladesh, for developing its infrastructure of railways, ports, roads and communications.

The United States and its allies feared direct Soviet involvement in Afghanistan and began aiding Pakistan's support for the Afghan Mujaheddin, in hopes of crippling the Soviet Union. These attacks destroyed a significant portion of Pakistan's naval strength, whereas no Indian ship was lost.

The attack was significant because it was carried out just two days after the declaration of the cease-fire between India and Pakistan. After the attack at the Pathankot base in January, there was again a thaw in the relationship, especially when seen in the context that the Indian PM paid an unscheduled visit to Pakistan to meet his Pakistani counterpart.

In September, bilateral tensions further soured after the killing of a Border Security Force soldier and the cancellation of a meeting between the two Foreign Ministers, yet two other developments rekindled hopes of creative collaborations.

Pakistan rejects the accord with the Indian government. The Pakistani government dismissed the charges against its minister as an attempt to hamper the ongoing peace process between the two neighbours.

A series of Kashmir-specific CBMs are also agreed to including the approval of a triple-entry permit facility. In Decemberfollowing a political crisis in East Pakistan, the situation soon spiralled out of control in East Pakistan and India intervened in favour of the rebelling Bengali populace.

India–Pakistan relations

He has been accused by Pakistan of espionage and spying and has been sentenced to death by a military court in Pakistan. Agreements on cultural exchanges and civil aviation were also initiated, also in With Imran Khan being voted in as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, all reports emanating from Islamabad state that the biggest challenge the new government will face is the fast-deteriorating state of the economy.

Also, the court has directed the National Accountability Bureau to further investigate into cases related to Panama papers. Discussing ways and means to expedite the Mumbai case trial, including additional information needed to supplement the trial.Relations once again soured after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the United States approved sanctions against Pakistan by passing the Pressler amendment, which was enacted against Pakistan for its nuclear weapons program, which was initiated after the war with India in and accelerated after India detonated a nuclear bomb in May 18,  · Pakistan – India Relations: Challenges and Prospects Pakistan and India have shared a long history of conflict.

Embers of hope: on India-Pakistan relations

The two countries have witnessed more ups and downs in their relationship, in a relatively short span of almost seven decades, than most countries do in hundreds of years.

Relations between India and Pakistan have been strained by a number of historical and political issues, and are defined by the violent partition of British India inthe Kashmir dispute and the numerous military conflicts fought between the two nations. Relations between Pakistan and India have also resumed through platforms such as media and communications.

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Pakistan and india relations
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