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No doubt some of the freaks ultimately used drugs to escape from other problems-- trouble at home, for example. The emotional situations and moral dilemmas that are the stuff of literature are also vigorous exercise for the brain, propelling us inside the heads of fictional characters and even, studies suggest, increasing our real-life capacity for empathy.

Because they blame it on puberty. In a typical American school, standards for coolness are so high or at least, so specific that you don't have to be especially awkward to look awkward by comparison.

Smart Kids Who Hate to Write

I've read that this is why poor whites in the United States are the group most hostile to blacks. Unpopularity is a communicable disease; kids too nice to pick on nerds will still ostracize them in self-defense. For example, most people seem to consider the ability to draw as some kind of innate quality, like being tall.

I don't mean to suggest they do this consciously. Not simply to do well in school, though that counted for something, but to design beautiful rockets, or to write well, or to understand how to program computers. Kids didn't admire it or despise it. In addition, as the number of books, they read increases so will the difficulty of material.

Kids do care what their peers think in elementary school, but this isn't their whole life, as it later becomes.

Make Homeschool English and Reading Fun!

People do not gain all of their vocabulary by looking up their definitions; it was acquired through years of practicing our language. I think teenagers are driven crazy by the life they're made to lead. And not just for the nerds. Nearly everyone I've talked to agrees: All of these characteristics are indicators to us that there is a real reason why this child is resisting writing assignments, and not just an argumentative child, or a character problem.

Sometimes it's a breaking news story that draws me in, other times it's boredom. So there are more people who want to pick on nerds than there are nerds.

Then a few adults can watch all of them. With most kids, staying calm, gently challenging them, and setting clear limits walking away is enough to gradually decrease the behavior over time. They don't realize that it takes work to be popular.

For me the worst stretch was junior high, when kid culture was new and harsh, and the specialization that would later gradually separate the smarter kids had barely begun.

It's important for nerds to realize, too, that school is not life. What I didn't realize at the time, and in fact didn't realize till very recently, is that the twin horrors of school life, the cruelty and the boredom, both have the same cause.All parents want their children to do better in school, but this parent wants higher grades and improved reading levels without needing to do any extra work.

While I am explaining the need for reading together at night, he is still looking for the quick fix or any other solution where he doesn't have to be involved. An essay must be broken into paragraphs to make it readable. It’s horrible reading a full page of solid text.

Breaking down an essay into different sections is what allows it to flow in a logical manner. Hate Reading Essay. In many instances, students cringe when the words “reading” and “school” are said concurrently - Hate Reading Essay introduction.

Fear immediately arises in most children at the sound of their teacher’s announcement that they will be reading a book in class.

Response to “How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading”

But let’s be honest, some children really hate reading and will avoid it at all costs. Here are five ways to encourage reading, hopefully transforming a very reluctant reader into a bookworm!

Alliteracy (not illiteracy, but alliteracy) is becoming an increasing problem among schoolchildren.

My Book Makes Kids Laugh, And It Was Banned Anyway

Another reason kids persecute nerds is to make themselves feel better. When you tread water, you lift yourself up by pushing water down.

Likewise, in any social hierarchy, people unsure of their own position will try to emphasize it by maltreating those they think rank below. Below is an essay on "Why Teachers Make Children Hate Reading" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Why Children Despise Reading Prior to starting public school, the idea of reading and writing is exciting to many young children/5(1).

Making children hate reading essay
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