A religious ranting on religious study

Biblical Studies, and maybe Theology in general at this rate, will cease to be taught and it will become one of those weird and arcane sounding subject areas that were taught in A religious ranting on religious study Universities of the Italian Renaissance.

I believe Laurence Krauss has very enjoyable talks about the topic Give it a shot and get back to me. Today Taoism claims 31, followers.

Multiplying the low and high ends of this range of percentages by the number of adults in the U.

A religious ranting on premarital sex

The evangelical Protestant tradition is the only major Christian group in the survey that has gained more members than it has lost through religious switching. Is the study of theology boring? We smoked sacred pipe in a circle, we blessed buffalo and prayed for the land, we trekked Bear Butte and stood where many have gone for their vision quests, we erected a tipi, we sat and sang and swayed in a sweat lodge, and we huddled into Mike Littleboy Jr.

Religious Landscape Study, a follow-up to its first comprehensive study of religion in America, conducted in A Christian who thinks critically is an ex-Christian. April 29, at 1: A basic understanding of religion and religions is indispensable knowledge for anyone functioning within a contemporary, multicultural society and an awareness of cultural sensitivities is an essential tool, particularly for the modern businessman or businesswoman who may communicate with unfamiliar cultures and needs to avoid making any offensive, deal-breaking gaffs.

Mormonism is nothing more than a business cult. Have mercies you two upon my fragilitarian onslaughts in worded mindsets I do regulary posit! I guess they all deserve to burn in "hellfire and brimstone" too right? And not just for storing information and learning patterns, but for thinking critically and creatively too'.

It may even strengthen it. Gregory Smith, associate director for religion research, served as the primary researcher and wrote the Overview and Methodology. If not for his children, my brother would take his own life in a minute! Should theology still be taught within Universities? For example, the survey finds that Christians account for This blog may have been set up for believers, but atheists also have opinions, and have every right to express them.

And thus ends my version of a rant. By contrast, Christianity — and especially Catholicism — has been losing more adherents through religious switching than it has been gaining. Religion attracts the least intelligent and the most intelligent.

I am one of the angrier atheists in the world. His eyes are my doorway to God! Last time I checked, the Inquisitions and witch-burnings were done away with.

Study finds religious beliefs have an enduring influence on senators’ legislative behavior

It gets deepened by the sacramental baptism rebirth by Water and Spiritwhere we receive a person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit, which helps us to overcome the lust of our flesh sinfulness of our body. Jesus was summarily crucified for being a temple rabble-rouser by the Roman troops in Jerusalem serving under Pontius Pilate, He was buried in an unmarked grave and still lies a-mouldering in the ground somewhere outside of Jerusalem.

Bill Webster created the graphics. Atheism is a poor basis for morality, ethics, sense of purpose, societal order, etc.

Rather Than Ranting — from the CC Blog.

Intuitive thinking, like imagination, is not bound by the limits of the known, which is why the "best" scientists are the most imaginative and able to think well intuitively.

How can one deny what does not exist.

Children of religious parents have a reduced risk of suicidal behavior, study finds

If it were possible to examine religiously mixed marriages that ended in divorce, or religious switching that resulted in both spouses sharing the same faith, then the percentage of intermarriages in previous decades may have been higher than it appears from looking only at marriages that are intact today.

Non-Hispanic whites now account for smaller shares of evangelical Protestants, mainline Protestants and Catholics than they did seven years earlier, while Hispanics have grown as a share of all three religious groups.Apr 27,  · Study: Analytic thinking can decrease religious belief By Becky Perlow, CNN (CNN) - When was the last time you sat down and questioned your decision to believe in God?

Nov 16,  · Indigenous Religious Traditions is my second religion course. The first was World Religions, a survey course at my hometown’s community college with over fifty students and professor who was not a fan of discussion. If you would like to read more about the study of religion and culture, Malory Nye has created some further resources which can be found here: Race, Modernity, Decolonization, and Religion.

Study: Religious Childhood Linked to Healthier, Happier Adulthood A study found that people who attended religious services or prayed regularly during their upbringing were happier in early adulthood. The study of religion -- called Religious Studies in the secular institutions of North America -- is also under siege (we say "circling the wagons").

We have to catch the students who might choose to major in Religion/Religious Studies/Theology in the classes that satisfy a requirement. Aug 29,  · About the U.S. Religious Landscape Study. This is the first report on findings from the U.S. Religious Landscape Study, the centerpiece of which is a nationally representative telephone survey of 35, adults.

This is the second time the Pew Research Center has conducted a Religious Landscape Study.

A religious ranting on religious study
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