A look at the women in the new york navy yard during world war ii

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Evans became the first woman to command a Naval Station. Two sons enlisted, Phil went Army and Ralph, Navy. The Italian and Japanese war efforts took a similar approach, mainly owing to their inability to compete with Britain and the United States in war production. And, inthe Johnson administration within weeks after the November election announced the first closing of a navy yard and it was the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the biggest and most expensive.

Also, displays and videos about the new businesses in the facility are seen. The Johnson administration refused to sell the yard to the City of New York for 18 months. Cohoes - Van Schaick Graveyard - Many people claimed to have seen both male and female apparitions, as well as hearing ghostly voices through the locked gates.

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The United States emerged from World War II as the only nation since the time of the Romans to be a dominant power on both land and sea, not to mention in the air. In retrospect, the most important contribution strategic bombing made in Europe was to defeat the Luftwaffe and ensure that when Allied troops driving across northwestern Europe saw aircraft, they could be certain the planes were friendly.

He has been seen roaming the halls as well as running around the gym practicing. Strasser at different times.

Brooklyn Navy Yard: World War II Tour

An apparition of a young woman will be seen and disappear. Cleaning staff over the years have claimed to experience things when they are alone in the building. In the cellar or ground floor, people have heard walking and noises coming form the old lunch room and girls locker room, when checked no body was there.

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The Strategic Air War against Germany, — Since then there have been doors that slam by themselves, odd noises, and many orbs have been caught on camera, especially in the gymnasium. It is possible if you can encounter it to trace its contours.

East Coast, in the Gulf of Mexico, and in the Caribbean, German U-boats sank greater tonnages than during any other period of the war. Admiral Stark discussed his analysis with the President on 2 April and again the next day, thrashed out the steps to be taken, and was told to adopt the strong measures he thought were required:In Manhattan Beach, Jennifer Egan has produced a closely researched exploration of life in New York City during World War II and describes a range of ways in which New York women became involved in the war effort.

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Brooklyn Navy Yard During the s a small number of women worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, almost exclusively in administrative positions. Oct 01,  · Answers About World War II in New York, Part II.

By The New York Times My father worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the war. How many people were employed, and how many ships were produced there?

In Februarythe federal War Production Board reported thatwomen were employed in New York City’s major. Mar 06,  · "The tour is really about how this place functioned," says Gustafson, "and the lives of the people who passed through during WWII," including many women and African-Americans.

A bus meets visitors at Building 92 (Carlton and Flushing Aves.) at 11 a.m., and covers the 4-acre shipyard during the two-hour tour, with guests disembarkingat several stops. Jul 24,  · According to the society, 63 million tons of supplies and more than 3 million men shipped out from New York Harbor, and at the height of the war, a ship left every 15 minutes.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard doubled its size and employed 70, people, including many women; it became the largest shipbuilding facility in the country at the time.

World War II was the most destructive enterprise in human history. It is sobering to consider that more resources, mate- rial, and human lives (approximately 50 million dead) were expended on the war than on any other human activity. The oral histories in the exhibit, along with photographic documentation, helped students put together a patchwork of the social history of the WWII-era Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The students spent time brainstorming questions around the topic of work, women, and .

A look at the women in the new york navy yard during world war ii
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